Chilling at the “Top of the Rock”, New York

At the “Top of the Rock”, there are a variety of spots and levels for you to get that view of Manhattan. There’s the main balcony covered in glass frames and telescopes. This is where most tourists or visitors go. I suggest going to the very top, if you want the best view! There are less people and there is no glass, so if you want to take good photographs – go there! This picture was taken from the windows on the way to the elevator. I got a fairly decent view without being in the way of other visitors. We decided to go here rather than the Empire State Building, as it was apparently quicker! We got in rather fast. Despite it being summer at the time, we did face a downer – it was rather overcast – so our view could have been better! Nonetheless, it is still a great stop if you want a scenic view of NYC.

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