Looping around New York City



As a tourist, one of the best ways to get a feel for the big city is to jump on a bus and explore. We did the loops on the Grayline double-decker buses. It allowed us to see what places we actually wanted to see, as well as learn about local history, places to eat or why to go to Starbucks – not just for the free wifi, but for the toilets! It is really hard to find a public toilet in New York!

To book a tour, hit the streets. In Times Square, we spoke to a range of Grayline‘s representatives until someone gave us a decent price – so it’s worth to bargain with them! The advantage of the loop tours is that they are well accessible (there are lots of hop on/hop off spots) and buses come regularly. However, they try to sell you multiple passes. One loop is all you need – we did two loops and it got boring after a while! Once you know the places you want to go – catch the subway – it’s much quicker and affordable.



The Flat Iron Building was one of my favourites!


Despite New York being a small place, it does take a while to do the loops! So try and get it out of the way early in the trip.


This is New York – so there is always something beautiful, interesting or entertaining to see!

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