From within the Grand Canyon

From within the Grand Canyon

I took this panorama within the depths of the Grand Canyon – one of the Seven Wonders of the World! We were on a helicopter tour over and around the Grand Canyon. The tour we were on stopped right at the bottom of the Canyon. There, it felt like we were in a bit of untouched land. It also looked like it went on forever! I would definitely recommend checking the Canyons out if you happen to be in Vegas. The thrill will get you singing a bit of Fleetwood Mac out loud. As Stevie Nicks sung, “If I live to see the seven wonders…I’ll make a path to the rainbows end…”

Check out my previous post that shows Lake Mead and other shots from the Helicopter Tour


One thought on “From within the Grand Canyon

  1. Such an amazing view. I only drove by Arizona but I really need to go and check it out. This place seems like a must-go place!

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