Capturing Santa Monica Pier in Black and White

I took this series of photographs back in Summer 2013. Santa Monica Pier is particularly prone to a Cali weather phenomenon known as “June Gloom”. This was one of those foggy mornings along the pier. It was rather strange coming from Perth, where beaches are a place of roasting and toasting.

Santa Monica Pier is located in Santa Monica, California. It is a large pier that connects the beaches together. You can walk along the pier to get views of the beaches, fishermen, visit the Pacific Park and other attractions.

You cannot stay in LA and miss Santa Monica Pier.


3 thoughts on “Capturing Santa Monica Pier in Black and White

  1. Funny May gray, June gloom. I lived in West LA for five years 78-83 and always went to the coast (between Santa Monica Pier and Venice) at the end of the day to recharge–don’t remember that pattern. Always refreshed at the Pacific Ocean coast. Brave black and white photo! Thanks for the memories! 🙂

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