The Beautiful and the Green – The Nabukavesi Village, Fiji


After a feast with the village, I was taken on a tour by the local children. The first stop was my home, which was up a muddy staircase near the village church. We left our shoes in the inside of the house as apparently if you leave them outside, the dogs will eat them. My home consisted of a kitchen, a main sitting room and two bedrooms. There was religious décor and pictures of their family. The floors were covered in woven mats, to soften the concrete floors.

After meeting our host family, we continued the tour. We squelched through mud and up large steps, till our gluts and calves could no longer be felt. I could see a lush mountainous view of Fiji that never-ended. There was thick terrain that was so untouched. There was a school at the top of the village that taught five different surrounding villages. It was amazing to see a luscious area untouched my heavy industrialization. It was beautiful.

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