Nabukavesi Village River, Fiji

This is Nabukavesi Village River aka my bathing spot, when I stayed with my host family. The river was cold on one side and hot on the other. This is because the cold water comes from the mountain and warm water comes from the sea. We often came with the children and played games in the river after a hard day of volunteer work. I also bathed in the river every day, often using a rock to scrub the excess paint that had stuck to my skin from painting the school’s classrooms (a part of volunteer work). Bathing in the river, was not true bathing. As a woman in a traditional village, I was still required to keep my t-shirt on but was allowed to where shorts in. This made a proper scrub slightly problematic. I really liked this river, a river bathe definitely wakes you up and you leave feeling a lot more refreshed than a hot shower!

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