Waterfall Jumping, Nabukavesi Fiji

Waterfall Jumping in Fiji

Waterfall jumping was one of the most memorable experiences of my time in Fiji. After our last day of volunteering in the village, the locals guided us through green stretches of land until we reached a waterfall. It had three tiers, water gushing through each level in crystal-clear fashion. With the help of locals (to make sure we didn’t fall), we climbed up rocks to get to the 2nd level of the waterfall and jumped into the cool water. It was such a thrill, and I am grateful that I got to have this experience safely.

When going to this waterfall, we had to seek permission from the Fijians. I spoke to one of the locals named Wise who told me he had to come with us to give a blessing. As his clan owns the land, he is responsible for performing this cultural tradition.

View from the top of a waterfall in Nabukavesi, Fiji

Overall, one of my favourite travel experiences!
Shot on GoPro Hero4.

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