The amazing kids of Nabukavesi, Fiji

Young Boy in Nabukavesi Village Fiji

I may be a little bias, but Fijian children are probably the happiest and most amazing kids ever. They would run through the mud without a care in the world and who could blame them? They might not have possessions (like many Aussie kids have today) but they live in a beautiful place, with amazing greenery and a view on top of the world.

Local Fijian Children with VESA Volunteer

The kids also had the best manners. Without being told, they would grab our hands and guide us through muddy terrain, up waterfalls and to our houses at night (there are no streetlights in the village). One day after volunteering, the volunteers were sitting on the river banks trying to scrub off the paint with rocks and our nails. The young girls without a word, just picked up the rocks and started helping us clean our paint-ridden bodies.

Just another moment of Fiji happiness to brighten your day! 🙂

Shot on Canon 60D

2 thoughts on “The amazing kids of Nabukavesi, Fiji

  1. Nepali and tibetan kids are pretty amazing too.
    All kids are i guess.
    They still have that joy that is too easily lost as we

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