Sunrise Hike to the Top of Nacula Island, Fiji

At 5am, two volunteers and myself hiked up hilly terrain to watch the sun rise from a spectacular viewpoint. It was still dark when we began so crabs that appeared out of nowhere made us all jump. Our calves and glutes pumped as we walked up the barely made- out track.

Sunrise Hike Nacula Island, Fiji

Once we reached out vantage point, we took a moment to breathe it all in. The 360 view of the island allowed us to see the various hills that encompassed the islands. On one side there was a beautiful lagoon, which waters were a mix of pastel blues. The main sight was the sun rise over the small hills and beach below us. The sky started to fill with colours, beautiful orange streaking through the clouds. For the first time in my life, I watched the run crackle upwards from the ocean. It was so awe-inspiring. A flaming orange circle rose crisply until light encompassed the island.

Sunrise Hike Nacula Island Fiji

We walked back to the beach slowly, often stopping to take in all the magnificent landscapes and constantly changing colours in the sky and ocean.

Sun Rise Hike, Nacula Island Fiji

Shot on GoPro HeroSilver 4.

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