Albany: The Gap and Natural Bridge (Torndirrup National Park)

The Gap, Albany

This cliff face has some serious drama.

Drama in the sense that you walk across a 40m-high steel bridge and stand over the cliff whilst waves smash and splash against the rocks.

The Gap (Tordinnup National Park) is a 15-20-minute drive from Albany’s City Centre. A $6 Day pass (per car) allows you access to many of the amazing granite formations in the area including the Gap, Natural Bridge and the Blowholes.

The Gap, Albany

Just a few metres from the Gap is Natural Bridge. As the name suggests, it a bridge made from the Earth. It is another rock formation (but less dramatic than the Gap). The place is also popular for whale-watching in Winter.

The Blowholes were also nearby but were out of action on the day we went. Overall, the Park is filled with dramatic coastlines and scenic lookouts.

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Shot on Canon 60D.

Photographs are original. Permission required to reproduce.

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