Albany, Western Australia

Albany, Western Australia

A 5-hour southern drive from Perth took us to the beautiful Albany! A place full of history, beaches and food!


Albany felt like driving through Byron Bay but in WA. There are several bays and hills, and a beautiful scenic coast drive. We drove away from the City Centre to places like Middleton Beach. There were several spots for you pull over and take pictures of the amazing coastline.


One of my favourite spots was Emu Point.

Emu Point, Albany

At Emu Point, you can walk out across the crystal clear water to the sandbar.  It was so shallow that the water would not go past my knees. Small fish swam around out feet as shells crunched around my toes. When we reached the sandbar, the view was spectacular!


Albany is a great spot for history lovers. There are plenty of museums such as the National Anzac Museum as well as a few gold donation spots.

We stopped at Brig Amity Replica, which brought the first white settlers to Albany on Christmas 1826. The spot (to some extent) acknowledges the traditional owners of the land, providing historical balance. Albany is a place for Aboriginal significance

It would have been interesting to explore this side further but we went on a public holiday!


There are several other points of interest in this lovely town such as the Wind Farm and whale-watching. Not too far away is The Gap/Natural Bridge – See My Post on it here. 

Hope you enjoyed.

Photographs are original. Permission required to reproduce.

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