Broulee Island Walk, New South Wales

Broulee Island Walk
Broulee Island, NSW by Sam Brajdic

Broulee Island is a beautiful, pristine spot in the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. It is a 2 hour drive for Canberrans or 300km for Sydney-siders. It is a better alternative to Bateman’s Bay, the usual hot-spot for Canberrans (as it is the closest coastal town).

The Island is accessible by a permanent sand-bar from South Broulee Beach, which has a big carpark. South Broulee is an awesome beach, and was filled with surfers and paddle-boarders.

South Broulee Beach Surfing Paddle Boarding
South Broulee Beach by Sam Brajdic

Whilst you can take the sandy route to the island, it is awesome to walk across the rocks, and look at the rock formations (and for crabs!).

Broulee Island Walk
Walk to Broulee Island by Sam Brajdic

There must have been a storm before my visit, as both Broulee beach and the island were covered in blue bottle Jellyfish!

blue bottle jellyfish broulee
Blue Bottles at Broulee by Sam Brajdic

Nonetheless, we treaded carefully along the rocks until we got to the beautiful, crystal clear waters of Broulee Island. We walked through the nature reserve for 2 hours (4km), listening to the variety of bird calls and looking at the vast array of greenery.

Broulee Island Walk NSW
Walk to Broulee Island by Sam Brajdic

The water was flat as a tack. The beach is perfect for sunbathing, snorkelling or walking.


BrouleeIslandSamBrajdic_2Shot on Canon 60D. Photographs are original, permission required to reproduce –


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