Elephant Rocks and Elephant Coves, Denmark (Western Australia)

Elephant Rocks is Green Pool’s next door neighbour. To the left of the beautiful Greens Pool, you can find the Elephant Rocks (my previous post on Greens Pool is here).

Located in the beautiful Denmark (Western Australia), Elephant Rocks get its name from apparently looking like a herd of elephants.

Denmark, Western Australia by Sam Brajdic

When you are at Greens Pool, follow the signs for Elephant Rocks and you will find a lookout walking trail. You will get a birds eye view of the huge granite boulders. You will descend down a flight of stairs, which will take you to Elephant Cove. 

Elephant Cove, Denmark by Sam Brajdic

Elephant Cove a lot quieter than the popular Greens Pool, but equally as beautiful.

Elephant Rocks and Green Pool, Denmark by Sam Brajdic

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Elephant Rocks by Sam Brajdic

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Elephant Cove by Sam Brajdic

Shot on Canon 60D. Photographs are original, permission required to reproduce – sebrajdic@gmail.com

Denmark, Western Australia by Sam Brajdic



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